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“Since 05.45 h fire has now been returned” – A different kind of reckoning

Quote from Hitler’s speech on September 1st 1939: „Last night, for the first time, Poland fired on our territory with regular soldiers. Since 05.45 h fire has now been returned. And from now on bombs will be retaliated by bombs. One who fights with poison will be fought with poison gas. Who diverges from the rules of humane warfare cannot expect from us to do other than taking the same step. I will continue this fight, no matter against whom, until the safety of the Reich and its rights are ensured.”

Hitler TelefonIn his article „Since 05.45 h fire has now been returned” our blog-commentator „Kurzer“ investigates the historical narrative about Hitler-Germany, High Finance, psychology of the masses and other legacies.

He encounters lies, fraud and errors of nameable German and foreign Hitler-biographers, chroniclers and historians. Numerous examples document how verifiable facts have been altered and fitted into a predefined frame. Legends, conjectures and allegations, in parts perverting historical events, are compared with actual historical facts.

The exposure of those adjusted truths is as much intriguing as the consequential recognition. Is there a need for corrections on the historical narrative?
Yes, says Maria Lourdes with appreciation for “Kurzer’s” elaboration.

For Nikki and Charly…

„You shall believe in Germany’s future, in the resurrection of your people. Despite everything that happened, never let one steal your belief. And you shall act as if the destiny of all German things depend upon you, and the responsibility is yours alone.” Albert Matthai

“It’s easier to believe a lie that one has heard a thousand times than to believe a fact that one has never heard before.” Robert Lynd

“The past is more important than the present. He who controls the past, controls the future.” George Orwell

“Germany – Through smoke from the chimney stacks and exhaust fumes, over menu cards and travel brochures let me tell you that I love you, Germany. You have been terribly mutilated and bound, but for the worst of it, in all your misery they have dressed you up like a jester and tied disgrace around your neck. Now you have to dance to the piping of Euro and Dollar. You, taunted and miserable, mocked and scorned, bespangled and adorned with thorns, let me tell you: I love you.
…Not only where you’re clean, in your woods, on your mountains and upon your untouched coasts, or in the eyes of those devoted to you – not only there is where I love you. I also love you where deafening noise is forced upon you – home of the silence –, and also where you – home of philosophers – are deprived of your spirit, and also where you – home of the courage – are made a coward, there, where you are the most ashamed of yourself.
…Look, with you we will bear it all, search for the lost crown and give it back to you with deepest awe. With you we will never be alone – with us you shall forget the tears. In the hour of your abject misery, barely concealed by neon and chrome, those hit by your misery the hardest are with you. They love you, Germany. To others you might appear disgraceful and small, minor and spoiled – to us you are father and mother at the same time. May our love be solace for you. There’s nothing we have to forgive you for, forgive us for being too weak to break your chains and burn the trumpery surrounding you. Gift us the power of your eternity, we will give everything that’s has been left for us. Because we love you, Germany.” Konrad Windisch

A different kind of reckoning – Since 05.45 h fire has now been returned

Learning from history…
…that’s what all those “enlightened” rulers of the world confront mankind with over and over again, especially us Germans. While Napoleon defined history as the summary of lies agreed upon, someone should really explain to us, which lie we’re supposed to learn from. But it gets really interesting with a statement made by Walter Lippmann (1889-1974, American journalist, chief editor of “New York World”, correspondent of the “New York Herald Tribune”, his essays were occasionally published in over 250 newspapers):

“A war is only lost when one’s own territory is occupied by the enemy, the leading class of the defeated people is convicted in war crime trials and the defeated are subject to a reeducation-process. An obvious means of that is to implant the victor’s view into the minds of the defeated. It’s of decisive importance to transfer the ‘moral categories’ of the victor’s wartime propaganda into the consciousness of the defeated. Only when wartime propaganda has found its way into the history books of the defeated and is believed by succeeding generations, only then the reeducation can be seen as successful.”

The following essay will deal with the revelation of this kind of propaganda.
It’s totally clear to me that anyone to dares to deal with this complex issue will immediately be placed in the corner of conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, rassists… And while mankind is being fed with countless fairytales, on the contrary it’s being told that there is no single truth and if so, it’s so complicated, only experts understand it. As I’ve been told by a preeminent scientist in his field, experts are people that have no clue … on a high level. Very good examples are those experts who, back in the 1990s beyond all common sense, sold us the Euro as the peacemaking project for the future. Just compare this assertion with the conditions we’re facing today.

The spicy aspect of the statement that there be no truth at all, is the fact that we Germans, as a variant of this not existing truth, are to believe in it by law.

A different kind of reckoning – „Since 05.45 h fire has now been returned“

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Since 05.45 h fire has now been returned

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